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Originally designed and decorated by Lesley-Ann Hoets - we make free standing ceramic fireplaces/firepots, wood burning & self cleaning heat output - 30kw

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Hot Art has developed a unique freestanding ceramic fireplace (firepot) which combines the heat output of the very hottest fireplaces with the natural beauty of decorated and glazed Pottery. Designed by Lesley-Ann Hoets, ceramicist and artist. Please have a look at her personal works on

Hot Art fireplaces (firepots) are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are fully functional woodburning stoves which produce phenomenal heat with no fuss or mess!

This firepot qualifies as a wood burning, free standing, ceramic, energy saving, self-cleaning, non-smoking, easy installation, hand made, hand decorated work of art that works - sometimes known as a kaggel, kachelofen, a hot pot, fire pot, hot egg, stove and oven, made from special fireproof clay!

Each Firepot is an individually numbered, totally unique work of art.

Although Inspired by the popular Chiminea, Hot Art Firepots are much more robust! Make the fire as big as you like, they will NOT crack.

Crated & delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa and overseas.

Visitors are welcome to the studio, please phone first for an appointment and an update on the condition of the road.

Our handmade Hot Art firepots are available in a wide variety of finishes and designs. Each one is a unique, functional work of art. Because they are thick walled and heavy, these pots store and pump out a phenomenal amount of heat even long after the fire is out.

For prices outside South Africa, we can accommodate you if let you us know where you are and your nearest sea port or international airport.

South African transport prices may be obtained by emailing us, giving your location, and we will respond with either a contact in your area or a pricelist with packing and transport cost.

What is it? The fireplace is a free standing, wood burning Ceramic Fireplace. It is best displayed away from a wall so that it both heats the room and is usable from all sides. Logs up to 400mm x 100mm x 100mm can be easily offered into the mouth of the fire.

Does it Smoke? Definitely not. The relationship between the size of the mouth of the fireplace and the chimney has been calculated to obviate any smoking. The minimum chimney length is 3 meters.

Will it Break? The ceramic material used in the fireplace is fired to high temperatures, producing a very durable product. The fireplace will provide many years of service, given a minimum of care (no knocks from heavy hard objects). It will not break as a result of thermal shock, i.e. it is completely flameproof.

Is it Effective? As a fireplace it is exceptionally heat efficient. In addition to the heat radiated from the mouth, heat is stored in the mass of the ceramic body and conducted to the surrounding air, even long after the fire is out.

Cleaning and Care. The ash left from a wood fire is minimal and so the fireplace only needs to be cleaned out occasionally. Any wood resin drips, or any liquid spillage onto the hot outside surface, can be rubbed off with household cleaner when cold.

Hot Art. Started in 1992 by Lesley-Ann Hoets and Alex Kielczynski after 2 years of development. The company has since made in excess of 5000 units and is continually growing in popularity. A small team of workers hand build these wood stoves and Lesley-Ann decorates each one individually. The company sell direct to the public from the showroom situated on the farm in Ruigtevlei. The company ownership changed in 2000 with Alex's departure into more commercially orientated (four colours only) fires in Cape Town.

Raku. Raku fireplaces are also available. These undergo a second firing using the Japanese technique of Raku. These are subjected to "fire magic" in this process, providing interesting "crackle" and "reduction" effects.

Size and Weight. The large fireplace weighs 40kgs plus packaging 70kg. Package size for large: 60 x 60 x 70 (cm). The small fireplace weighs 35kgs and packed 65kg. Package size for small: 57 x 57 x 67 (cm)

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    Hot Art has developed a unique freestanding ceramic fireplace (firepot) ...

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